Building Services

Providing complete building services to Melbourne is our passion and purpose.


The highest possible quality electrical services to all types of customers across Melbourne.


Mechanical services ranging from elevators to heating and cooling systems across Melbourne.


Fire services for buildings, homes and more to ensure ultimate safety for all.


Bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, showers and anything else that requires top quality plumbing.

Air Conditioning

Ensure your space is comfortable and welcoming year-round with properly fitted AC.

Building Automation

Step into the modern experience by fully automating your house, office or school with trusted brands.


Customised woodwork to suit your space, from furniture to wall trimmings.


Keep beautiful spaces spotless by hiring one of our cleaners to ensure your location is always tidy.


Call us in to lay fresh, long-lasting concrete for public or home driveways.

Data & Comms

Ensure consistent and reliable data & communication systems at your office with our services.


Install a fence to increase privacy and add style to your property, with a variety of options available.


Breathe new life into your office, home or venue by installing fresh wooden, tile or carpet flooring.

Gardening & Landscaping

Keep your lawn a cut above the rest, with lively plants, colourful flowers and well-kept pathways.

Handy Man

Need a hand getting all the tasks around home done? Our handy men are always available for you!


The finer details are what set apart good buildings from great ones. Our team loves the details.


Restore existing surfaces or ensure new ones will be looking spotless with our painting services.


Using only high quality materials, our plastering services are quick, efficient, and always long-lasting.

Security & CCTV

Keep your establishment safe and secure with the latest technology in security and CCTV cameras.


Let us fit out your space with the appropriate window options to ensure sunlight and heat retention.